V2C Solutions is a consulting service that helps wineries develop and execute marketing plans. We also provide assistance with selection and implementation of new technical systems to grow Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) sales, track customer data and run winery operations more efficiently.  Our goals are to create effective marketing strategies and materials to increase sales, profitability, and customer acquisition.

Before starting my own firm, I spent eight years working for three premier estates in Napa Valley and was most recently General Manager at Checkerboard Vineyards.  I currently consult on multiple winery projects, primarily in the Napa and Sonoma Valleys.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • New Brand Development or Overhaul.  "From Vine to Customer"
    • Evaluation and selection of Consulting Winemaker, Vineyard Management, and Hospitality staff.
    • Site selection assistance for vineyard, winery or tasting room.  Development and construction     assessment and management.  Architect and contractor selection.
    • Strategic branding and target marketing.
    • Packaging, collateral, print material and label design management.
    • Software and IT solutions for daily operations and wine sales.
    • Website development and launch.
    • Storage, fulfillment and compliance solutions.
  • Marketing and Sales Plans.  How to best allocate inventory across all sales channels with a focus on Direct-To-Consumer sales and utilizing the wholesale channel to build brand recognition.
  • E-Commerce & CRM.  Conversions and migrations to Vin65, setup and/or overhaul of current system, staff training on proper use and best practices.
  • New Vintage, Library or Other Special Releases.  Overall management of releases including setup within E-Commerce platform to ensure the best customer experience and sales outcome.  Development of direct mail materials, emails, website setup and utilization of social media channels.
  • Hospitality and Tasting Rooms.  Reservation systems, utilizing space and staff properly, development and optimization of POS systems, creation of collateral for visitors and referral partner development and tracking.